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                                            JANUARY 28, 2018

I. Opening of the Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Denny Easley

Devotions by Pastor Kurt Carlsen Proverbs 16:31 and 17:1

Determination of a quorum: yes, with 29 members in attendance.

Adoption of the Agenda – Moved by Bob Nelson, seconded by Steve Nelson and passed by voice vote

II. Minutes of the previous meetings

Minutes from the last Annual Meeting will be in the next newsletter

III. Elections

Moved by Doug Heady and Seconded by Pastor Kurt to add Amy Ortery to the Council ballot. Passed by Voice vote.

Report of the Nominating Committee and Elections with the following additions                    

   Jan Nelson - Council, 3 year term, 1st Term

   Rosie Allen - Council, 3 year term, 1st term

   Laura Easley – Council, 3 year term, 2nd Term

   Amy Ortery –Council, 3 year term, 1st Term

    Laura Easley – Nominating Committee 3 year Term

   Dianne Steck – Auditing – 3 year term

 Motion to approve by unanimous ballot by Bob Nelson, 2nd by Laura Easley

 Passed voice vote.

IV. Organization and Committee Reports

Motion to accept all committee reports made by Bob Nelson, 2nd by Carl Johnson.  Passed by voice vote.

V. Pastor’s Report

Motion to accept Pastor’s report by LuAnn Johnson, 2nd by Michael Nelson, passed with a commendation for a job well done.

VI. Old Business

Laura Easley moved to accept the absence of old business and refer any unknown old business to the Council. Seconded by Dianne Steck. Passed by voice vote.

VII. Budget

Motion to approve 2018 budget made by Jan Nelson with 2nd by Steve Nelson Approved by voice vote.

 VIII. New Business

Security during worship and events. Discussion centered around the possible presence of members with a concealed carry permit and locking the church doors during worship and other events. Church members would have the combination to unlock the key pad or could come to the glass doors in front. Laura Easley reminded us of a $127 rebate from previous purchases from Menards. Bob Nelson moved that the church purchased and install a keypad type lock with a second from Doug Heady. Passed by voice vote.

Results of the Church Survey were reported. 54 surveys were sent out and 12 received back. Of those returned many though communication was an area that needed improvement as well as church cleanliness and the use of Face Book or the newsletter to get pertinent information to members. Cheryl Heady reminded us that the Pastor has a half time call.

Laura Easley mentioned the use of Memorial monies to replace the old flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. She said Scott Rote would install and passed around samples of no wax, vinyl planking.

Denny Easley mentioned the damage done to the lawn by driving on it to borrow or return tables. He asked that the parking lot be used instead.

Discussion about worship music given the state of David’s health. The chances of hiring an organist versus a pianist and whether to pay monthly or per diem were also discussed. Marilyn Ericson offered to ask a friend about the usual rate. Motion by Laura Easley and seconded by Ashlee Heady to table the discussion and to allow the Council to set the price for worship music. Passed by voice vote.

LuAnn Johnson announced that she will be resigning as Financial Secretary as of March 1st or sooner. There is a need for a new Financial Secretary.

Carl and LuAnn Johnson asked if anyone had seen or removed the piece of paper from the balcony used to track church attendance.

IX. Renewal of Pastoral Call

Motion to renew Pastor Kurt Carlsen’s call made by Marilyn Ericson with a 2nd by Laura Easley was passed by voice vote and applause.

X. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn made by Laura Easley with 2nd by Doug Heady was passed by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted, Jan Nelson, Council Secretary.




News from the Congregation, WELCA and Sunday school


  • Ash Wednesday Service-March 6th at 6:00pm.

Services will continue every Wednesday at 6:00pm with a soup supper to follow.

Soup Suppers-March 6th hosted by the Council

March 13th hosted by the WELCA

March 20th hosted by the Sunday school

March 27th hosted by the Council

April 3rd hosted by the WELCA

April 10th hosted by the Sunday school


  • We are in need of a Vacation Bible School Director.  This person would get to pick the theme, set up each day and will have plenty of help!!  Please see Pastor or Laura if interested!!  We cannot have it this year without a director. 


  • Items of the month are: Crackers and stick butter for the soup suppers and paper towels. 


  • Mark your calendars for April!  Palm Sunday breakfast will be held on Sunday, April 14th from 8:45 to 9:45 before the Palm Sunday service at 10:00am.  This will also be Pack the Pews day!!  Every adult and child that brings a friend will be entered into a drawing for a 25.00 gift card-adults will be to Amazon and kids will be to Wal-Mart.  Let’s PACK THE PEWS, watch for falling surprises during the sermon and don’t forget to bring your friends to the breakfast before the service.  Free will offering and all proceeds will go towards Vacation Bible School.        


  • Please remember to log into Amazon Smile and select Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church as your organization.  It doesn’t cost you anything and .05% of all your purchases will be donated strait to the WELCA account. 


  • Confirmation every Sunday at 8:30am.  March 10th is the next council meeting after the service.    


 1 Chronicles 19:18 (KJV)
But the Syrians fled before Israel; and David slew of the Syrians seven thousand [men which fought in] chariots, and forty thousand footmen, and killed Shophach the captain of the host.
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