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The Council

The Council members meet once a month on the 2nd Sunday at the church at 11:00am.

Denny Easley  309-368-2228 Vice Chairman and Property

 Bob Nelson 309-368-4293 Treasurer and Social Ministry

Jan Nelson  309-368-0993 Secretary and Social Ministry

Michelle Nelson  309-368-6802  Evangelism and Worship & Music

Rosie Allen  309-344-3605 Stewardship & Finance, and Worship & Music

Nicole Lincoln 309-368-8342 Christain Education & Property

Katherine Knott  309-509-3047  Christain Education & Evangelism

Tucker Palmgren 309-509-3047 

Vicki Johnson  309-335-3216 Stewardship & Finance

Steve Nelson 309-368-4897 Property

Laura Easley  309-368-6719 Christian Education & Communications Director


Monthly Job Assignments

March 2020
Minister of Cup
Amy Ortery
Communion Usher Kat Knott
Usher Assistant Denny Easley

April 2020
Minister of Cup
Kat Knott
Communion Usher Tucker Palmgren
Usher Assistant Michelle Nelson

May 2020
Minister of Cup
Nicole Lincoln
Communion Usher Steve Nelson
Usher Assistant Katt Knott

June 2020
Minister of Cup
Michelle Nelson
Communion Usher Amy Ortery
Usher Assistant Tucker Palmgren

July 2020
Minister of Cup
Bob Nelson
Communion Usher  Jan Nelson
Usher Assistant Steve Nelson

August 2020
Minister of Cup
Vicki Johnson
Communion Usher Michelle Nelson
Usher Assistant Amy Ortery


September 2020
Minister of Cup
Jan Nelson
Communion Usher Nicole Lincoln
Usher Assistant Viki Johnson

October 2020
Minister of Cup
Tucker Palmgren
Communion Usher Laura Easley
Usher Assistant Bob Nelson

November 2020
Minister of Cup
Steve Nelson
Communion Usher Rosie Allen
Usher Assistant Laura Easley

December 2020
Minister of Cup
Rosie Allen
Communion Usher Bob Nelson
Usher Assistant Nicole Lincoln

January 2021
Minister of Cup
Laura Easley
Communion Usher Denny Easley
Usher Assistant Jan Nelson

February 2021
Minister of Cup
Denny Easley
Communion Usher Vicki Johnson
Usher Assistant Rosie Allen

 Romans 8:21 (KJV)
Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
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