10 Easy to Plan, Cheap, and Fun At Home Date Ideas

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Ok.  Ok.  I admit it.

I’m in the process of killing two birds with one stone.  Tonight is my night to plan an at home date for my wife and I.  Anyways, I figured if I’m going to go to all this work, then I might as well share the fruit of my labor Smile.

Here’s what I’ve been able to come up with

10 At Home Dates Ideas

1. Scavenger Hunt

Buy or make something special for your spouse.  Place clues around the house and watch your spouse stumble to find them.

2. Star Gazing

Set up lawn chairs in the backyard, or bonus points if you can find a way on to your roof.  Just spend the evening enjoying the wonder of God’s creation.

3. Picture Drawing

Sit down at the table across from each other.  Take 20 minutes to do your best sketch of your spouse.  Don’t worry if you’re not a good artist.  Sometimes you’ll have more fun if a non-artist is in your midst.

4.  Black Out

Simulate a black out.  Unplug and turn off everything you can.  Make a cup of coffee or tea and sit around in the darkness sharing stories with each other.

5. Try a New Recipe Together

Pick a sweet dessert recipe that you’ve never tried.  Get a couple of new aprons and get to work.  Try to get some ice cream or a chilled drink to enjoy with your dessert.

6.  Make and Fly Paper Airplanes

Revert back to your childhood by making paper airplanes.  Have five different categories and make five different planes.  The categories could be – the plane the flies the furthest, the plane that does the most loops, best looking plane, most likely to crash and burn plane, and most unique plane.  After making the planes, head out to the backyard to test them out. trucos, guias y consejos de moda y fitness Blog de Moda y Fitness

7.  Make a Fancy Meal

Go all out.  Decorate your living room.  Dress up.  Cook something extra special.  Put on some classical music.  By the end of the evening, your spouse will think you took him or her out for a fancy night.

8.  At Home Drive in Theater

Make some popcorn and get some cold drinks, then head out to the car where you can set up a laptop computer, Ipad, or other DVD device.  Choose your spouse’s favorite movie.

9.  Customize a Puzzle

Get a puzzle from a local dollar store. Then draw a picture on the back of the puzzle.  The picture can be a special moment in your marriage or words of affirmation about your spouse.  For your date, you and your spouse can work together to assemble the puzzle.

10. 100 Reasons I Love You Night

Plan an evening where you creatively tell your spouse 100 reasons why you love them.  You can write reasons on a piece of paper, add them to a computer desktop, record them on an Mp3 player, email a few.  Just be sure that by the time the night is up, your spouse has heard or seen 100 reasons why you love them.


All of these dates are possible even if you have kids.  I suggest that once the kids have gone to bed, send the spouse who is not planning the date to the bedroom or let them have a long bath.  You can get everything ready while your spouse relaxes.

What at home date ideas do you have?

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