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By my calculations, over the last two years I’ve probably written 100+ Bible and money articles on this website.  That’s a lot of articles to process.  Today I decided that I would choose the 10 that I’ve most enjoyed writing.  I only went back as far as July 28th, 2010, since on that date I published my 10 favorite Bible and money posts up until that date.

10 Favorite Bible and Money Posts

The following are in no particular order:

Tithing, Faith, and Testing God

Embracing Missional Frugality

The Stages of Giving | Teaching Children About Giving (Adults too)

What Does God Think About the Percentage Budget?

Should You Give Only When You Have a Cheerful Heart?

What Currency is Our Treasures in Heaven?

Debt in the Bible | Is Borrowing Money a Sin?

Is Christian Wealth an Oxymoron? GOD OF WAR 4 Pelicula Completa Español HD 1080p

Rethinking Retirement | Reasons I Spend Less Time (and Money) Saving for Retirement

Graduated Tithe: A Giving Strategy


I’ve noticed that some of the articles I’ve most enjoyed writing are non-status quo articles.  I like to challenge conventional thinking.  Why?  Because I’m not convinced that the masses do not have the mind of Christ.  I think Christians ought to be walking upstream, but too often we’re guilty of going with the flow.  I believe God has a way that he wants us to manage money, and it looks very different from how most people typically manage money.

Through these posts, I’m envisioning an era in Christianity where our money management is more dramatic and transformative than it is today.

Finally, the reason I’ve enjoyed each of these articles is because I’m the primary reader.  I write what I need to hear.  This might sound egotistical, but sometimes I read my own posts and feel challenged by them.  I’m thankful that God continues to challenge our family to transform how we manage our money.

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