10 Ways to Save Money at the Movies

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10 Ways to Save Money on Movies

  1. Coupons! – Many times you can find coupons to movie theaters in your local Entertainment book or even online.
  2. Movie Theater loyalty programs – Regal Entertainment Group offers the popular Club Crown program.
  3. Go to a Drive-in. Tickets at a drive-in tend to be much cheaper than at a theater. Also, you can usually pay for a double feature and still save big!
  4. Student Discount – Just bring your student ID with you to the theater and get treated to a deep discount!
  5. Senior Discounts – Qualifying ages may vary, but every theater that I’ve ever been to offers a senior discount.
  6. Don’t buy snacks – Eat something before going to the theater, and resist the urge to pay ridiculous prices for candy, popcorn, or soda!
  7. Redbox – They have rental kiosks nationwide (including supermarkets and retail establishments), that offer you cheap DVD rentals. You can even find codes for free rentals online!
  8. Netflix – Pay a set fee each month and you can rent DVDs through the mail. For $9.99/month, you get 1 DVD mailed to you at a time, and its replacement comes as soon as you mail the first one back. However, this also includes unlimited hours of “Instant Watch” – where you can watch movies and TV series through your internet connection! This also works on your PS3, X-Box, Wii, and other dedicated devices.
  9. Host movie night w/ friends – Get together with a group of friends and split the costs of snacks and drinks! Great way to enjoy a movie and fellowship! My wife and I spent many “dates” watching movies with friends!
  10. Borrow a DVD from your local library – Your local library is a great place to “rent” movies (as well as books and CDs) for free!

What are your tips for saving money on movies?
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10 Ways to Save Money at the Movies

]]>10 Ways to Save Money on MoviesCoupons! – Many times you can find coupons to movie theaters in your local Entertainment book or even online.Movie Theater








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