10 Ways to Save Money During Black Friday

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10 Ways to Save Money During Black Friday

  1. Don’t Shop – Honestly, don’t use Black Friday as an excuse to cast aside discipline and spend money! There is no law that says you must shop on the day after Thanksgiving. We never go shopping on Black Friday (just don’t ask about Cyber Monday)!
  2. Research – Details about the various sales that will be available can be found all over the Internet. Of course I would suggest checking out my Black Friday 2010 page first ;-). Also, you have time to look at reviews of the various products as well as making sure that the price represents significant savings.
  3. Make a List – Having a list will help you to stay focused and avoid being distracted by every red tag and blinking light in the store!
  4. Bring a Copy of the Circular – Many sites (like my link above) will provide scans of the full Black Friday ads for most stores. To be sure you pick up the right item (especially after shoppers make a mess of the inventory and signs), you may have to compare it to the circular. Having it with you, or at least on your phone, will help you greatly.
  5. Develop a Budget – If you must shop on Black Friday, then you need a budget. Since you have already done research and created a list, it should be easy to hold your spending in check!
  6. Know the Layout of the Store – Most of the time, people will line up for these sales hours in advance. There will be a stampede of people willing to run over anyone in their way to get to their products. So you will not have time to casually browse the aisle looking for the items on your list. Know where they are and the most efficient way to get to them ahead of time.
  7. Develop a Plan – Besides having a list, you need to develop a plan. This will include what to do if one of your desired items is sold out.
  8. Don’t Go Alone – If your list includes stops at more than one store, then you hit one and have your shopping partner go to the other. If it’s all in the same store, split the list and grab items at the same time!
  9. Plan the Best Route – For those who have to go to multiple stores, be sure to plan your shopping sequence. You may have a store on your list that opens at 5am, while another begins the day at 6! Pay attention to these details in order to save the most time and gas.
  10. Pay Cash – Using cash (or a debit card), is a good idea for most people on every day of the year, not just Black Friday! This will ensure that you stay within your budget and avoid going into debt over a moment of weakness. It’s probably best to use your debit card as a credit card so you can get the same credit protection that credit card users enjoy.

What are your tips for saving money during Black Friday? Cerdo agridulce

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10 Ways to Save Money During Black Friday

]]>10 Ways to Save Money During Black FridayDon’t Shop – Honestly, don’t use Black Friday as an excuse to cast aside discipline and spend money! There is








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