Money Saving Ideas for Expectant Mothers

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How To Save Money When Expecting A Baby

  1. Minimize your purchases until after your baby shower.
  2. Here’s one that embarrasses my wife – be willing to return/exchange shower gifts.  Better to have want you want then something that you’ll never use.
  3. Tell your friends.  Baby needs don’t last forever so there is probably someone who has a kid who just grew out of something.  The would be glad to give it to you if they knew.
  4. Consider negotiating the cost of delivery.  Better yet, have you baby somewhere that has cheaper medical costs.
  5. Write these words on a paper and put it in a public place “What I spend on this baby in now way dictates how much I love him or her.”
  6. Buy it when you need it.  Far too many people buy infant items that they never need.  They want to be prepared, but …
  7. Shop at Sam’s Club for diapers and wipes.  Buy one package of each to have on hand for when baby comes home.
  8. Precook meals.  When the baby is in the house you’ll be tempted to eat out more often.
  9. If your wife is still working start cutting costs now and save every penny.  Especially, if you wife does not plan to go back to work.
  10. Before going out and buying a new maternity wardrobe see how long you can wear what you have.  You might only need to buy maternity clothes for the last few months.

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