101 Ways To Give: Time, Money, Energy, and Talents

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101 Ways To Give: Time, Money, Energy, and Talents

Ever wanted to give to someone, but excused yourself from proceeding just because you didn’t know what to do?  Perhaps you have wanted to do something nice to someone but know you really can’t afford to give much.  The reality is that God is pleased when we are givers.  What we give can be time, money, energy, and even our talents.

Starting today, Bob over at Christianpf is organizing a 10 Day Give.  Here is what Bob says about the effort:

The basic gist of the challenge is get people in the mindset of giving, by giving something to someone for 10 consecutive days.

I have signed up and plan to give something to someone each of the following days.  Giving was one of the items I listed as the six habits of the financially fit.  I would encourage you to sign up as well.

Be sure to check the bottom of this post to see what my Day 1 gift is – you just might be interested …

Here are 101 Ways To Give Either Your Time, Money, Energy, or Talents

  1. Offer to watch someone’s kids.
  2. Make a contribution to your local church.
  3. Call a homeless shelter and ask what their current need is.
  4. Commit to giving to others this Christmas.
  5. Bake something and give it to an elderly person.
  6. Call a single mother and ask if she needs anything.
  7. Give a favorite book to someone who might benefit from the topic.
  8. Stop and ask the name of someone who looks down and out.
  9. Leave a large tip.
  10. Send a ‘just because’ gift to a young couple.
  11. Host a baby shower.
  12. Slip an anonymous envelope with money under someone’s door.
  13. Send a care package to a missionary.
  14. Send a card to one of the children in your neighborhood.
  15. Take your kids to the park, just like you promised.
  16. Take a day off work to spend with your family.
  17. Buy extra groceries and drop them in a donation or pantry box.
  18. Call a local children’s home and ask what their current needs are.
  19. Build something for someone.
  20. Do a craft and give it to someone.
  21. Offer your services to someone for free (carpenter, mechanic, plumber).
  22. Volunteer to help serve a meal at your local shelter.
  23. Send a check to your favorite charity.
  24. Cook a meal and find someone to share it with.
  25. Take an evening and visit someone in the hospital.
  26. Write a card that expresses three things you like about someone.
  27. Send a thank you card to your church leaders.
  28. Start to fund a scholarship for church camps or other worthy causes.
  29. Help fix something for someone who is disabled.
  30. Say a prayer for the poor in your community.
  31. Get a list of local non-profits charities.  Pray for each by name.
  32. Clean out your closest and make a donation to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  33. Call a church leader and ask what needs to be done, cleaned, or fixed.
  34. Buy a gift card and give it to a random person.
  35. Purchase an extra movie ticket and give it to someone just because.
  36. Pay for the toll for the vehicle behind you.
  37. Buy a meal for someone else at the restaurant.
  38. Host a group of college students in your home.
  39. Men could offer to take a teen boy without a dad at home out for an afternoon.
  40. Pay for a hotel for someone who could really use a break.
  41. Write a list of ways your church could be reaching out to the poor in your community and around the world.
  42. Volunteer to work with helping and implementing the list generated from the point above.
  43. Organize a fundraiser.
  44. Buy a Bible for someone who does not have one.
  45. Offer someone a job.
  46. Write your favorite Bible verse and email it to some friends as an encouragement.
  47. Teach a Bible class.
  48. Host a small group study in your home.
  49. Fast for a day and give the proceeds to an organization that helps the poor.
  50. Look at a friend’s Amazon Wish List and get them something just because.
  51. Make something special for your kids.
  52. Buy one Christmas gift for someone else for every gift you buy for your own family.
  53. Pay for a newspaper advertisement and write an encouraging message.
  54. Leave a comment on a blog you enjoy.  Thank the writer for his time and effort.
  55. Anonymously pay for someone’s utilities.
  56. Write a mentor thanking them for their influence.
  57. Ask someone how you can pray for them.
  58. Send a care package to a college student.
  59. Have a family event where you go without and use that money to help someone.
  60. Go on a short term mission trip.
  61. Take your kids along on a mundane trip to the store or shops.
  62. Fast for a meal and give the money to a charity.
  63. Donate an old vehicle.
  64. Buy bulk and give half of it away.
  65. Teach someone a skill for free.
  66. Buy essential baby products and take them to a women’s shelter.
  67. Ask your church benevolence if they’ve had any requests.
  68. Give your old equipment away when you upgrade.
  69. Get someone a magazine subscription.
  70. Do a free car wash.
  71. Spend an afternoon doing random acts of kindness.
  72. Hand out free water on a hot day.
  73. Volunteer to help the youth or elderly at church.
  74. Take a young mother out to eat.
  75. Have a garage sale where all items are free.
  76. Give clothes your kids have grown out of to someone in need.
  77. Buy medical supplies for a third world country.
  78. Plant a garden and give your produce away.
  79. Do a police ride along and ask the officer what the community needs are.
  80. Share seeds from your garden.
  81. Coordinate a carpool.
  82. Organize a buying co-op.
  83. Make a coupon book of services.
  84. Overpay someone for a job well done.
  85. Tip somewhere tipping isn’t expected.
  86. Offer to buy a meal for a stranger.
  87. Offer spare change when someone’s fumbling through their purse.
  88. Take an elderly person’s car for a check-up, safety inspection, etc.
  89. Give an increased percentage for an unexpected income.
  90. Bake a batch of cookies for your neighbors.
  91. Double the recipe, freeze a meal, and take it to someone who is grieving.
  92. Anonymously cut grass for a neighbor.  (Do a good job!)
  93. Email an encouraging quote or Bible verse to a friend or co-worker.
  94. Volunteer at a Big Brother or Big Sister program.
  95. Organize a community barbeque.
  96. Play a free concert in your neighborhood.
  97. Help with Vacation Bible School.
  98. Bake a loaf of bread for your boss.
  99. Write a blank cheque for $100 and wait for God to reveal an opportunity to use it.
  100. Buy a product from a small business owner.
  101. Participate in a school fundraiser.
  102. BONUS: Give someone a hug.
  103. BONUS: Offer a free e-book.

My Day One Gift

Starting today (continuing indefinitely) I will be offering my e-books, Money Wisdom From Proverbs AND How To Book Cheap Travel Online, free of charge.  Claim your free eBook here. Sure, not a big deal dropping it from $2.00, but I realized that if $2.00 was stopping many people from downloading the book then I was not ultimately fulfilling my purposes for this blog.  My intention is to provide biblically based materials to help people determine how God wants them to handle their finances.  As a result, you can go ahead and get either book free of charge. Clifford Yuma

If you purchased a book and feel ripped off knowing it is now free send me an email [mhforc at gmail dot com]and I will refund your money (does that count as my Day 2 gift?).

I hope you enjoy the books!

Photo credit: Photo by halfwaytoconcord via Flickr.

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101 Ways To Give: Time, Money, Energy, and Talents

Ever wanted to give to someone, but excused yourself from proceeding just because you didn’t know what to do?  Perhaps you have wanted to do something nice








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