14 Christian Finance Blogs to Follow

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There are a lot of other good people doing similar things to what I do here at Money Help for Christians.  Today I want to briefly introduce you to some of those blogs in case you’re interested in adding other Christian finance blogs to your reading list.

This list doesn’t include every blog, and I’m probably going to forget someone (I’m really nervous about that – sorry if I forget you).  There are other great blogs, but this is the list of those I most closely follow.

14 Christian Finance Blogs to Follow

Christianpf – ChristianPF is the largest Christian personal finance blog.  It is the largest in terms of traffic and subscribers.  The blog currently has over 8,000 subscribers.  The three year old site is owned by Bob Lotich.  There are a half dozen staff writers (yours truly included) who help provide the daily articles published on the site.

Bible Money Matters – This blog has over 4,000 subscribers and has established itself within the Christian personal finance niche.  Peter Anderson, the owner, and a team of staff writers provide the content for that blog.

Gather Little by Little – This blog with over 3,000 subscribers posts sporadically.  It is owned by a group of folks, and Stew does all of the writing for the site.

Debt Free Adventure – A Christian blog that focuses on getting out of debt.  This blog is owned by Matt Jabs.

Rich Christian Poor Christian – Larry Jones offers some great perspective on the topic of finances.

One Money Design – Jason Price owns this blog and writes for it along with a few staff writers.  He shares solid and consistent daily articles.

Redeeming Riches – I really like the direction Jason Topp is taking this site.  He offers some great perspectives on Christian finance. Como hacer Chorizos criollos caseros

Personal Finance by the Book – Joe Plemon is a person I really respect (though I only know him online).  As such, I respect what he writes.

Provident Planning – Paul Williams is on sort of a hiatus for now.  However, I like reading Paul’s articles because I know he’ll challenge my thinking.

Dollars and Doctrine – Rob Kuban’s blog focuses on the biblical foundations of our finances.  I like that.

Faithful with a Few – Khaleef is the kind of guy I want to see succeed.  He is very hard working and produces a very high quality blog.

Matt about Money – Matt offers solid and practical advice on how to manage your money.

The Christian Dollar – John Frainee does an excellent job maintaining this site.  He offers helpful advice for Christians.

Faith and Finance – I’ve really enjoyed this blog.  Tim writes on a couple of other blogs too. I often find myself saying, “I like that article,” and then I find out that Tim wrote it.

What other blogs do you follow?  Want to recommend a blog?  Which ones did I forget?

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14 Christian Finance Blogs to Follow

There are a lot of other good people doing similar things to what I do here at Money Help for Christians.  Today I want to briefly introduce you to some of th



14 Christian Finance Blogs to Follow

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