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This month I reintroduced Money Saving Monday, a blog post where we introduce the topic and you share your money saving tips.  Each month I pick my two favorite comments and the winners get a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

Next month all you need to do is leave a comment on a Money Saving Monday article, and you’ll be automatically entered to win.

$15 Amazon Gift Card Winners

If you are a winner, you’ll be contacted by email and need to confirm your email address before next week Thursday.

Winner #1 – Scott F for his comment on Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs | MH4C Money Saving Monday.

Close your closet doors! You don’t need to heat and air that square footage (unless it is really a big one) so close the door!

We use ceiling fans — a lot. This allows us to turn the air up a little and still feel cooler since we have the breeze blowing from the fans. We have 8 in our house so we really do believe in this!

In the winter, after you have cooked something in the oven, turn it off but leave the door propped open a little to let the leftover heat escape into your house, thus causing the heat to go a little longer before coming on.

For those in colder climates than me in Texas, I have heard that putting insulation on the inside of your garage doors can help keep your garage warmer, which keeps your house warmer, which makes the heater run less often.

I especially liked the idea of opening the oven in the winter.  My question is – what if you don’t have a winter and live in the hottest place known to man?  How can you get a stove to put off less heat?

BTW, I should let everyone know that I do know Scott personally, but I still think it was once of the best money saving tips.  P.S. @Scott I’ll be sending you my Christmas list later today.

Winner #2 – Thomas for his comment on Save Money On Gas | MH4C Money Saving Monday

In addition to what is listed above, here are a few more things I try to do:

1. Plan out/combine your trips. If you have a bunch of errands to run, map them out and do as many of them as you possibly can in one trip. This will cut down your total miles, save you time, and, of course, save you money.

2. If you are in a huge hurry to get somewhere, then hurry up and get there. Go a bit easier on the gas pedal on the way home to help recover the MPG’s you lost during your rush.

3. If you are pulling a heavy load, plan your trip when traffic is at its least. Adding weight to your load is especially taxing on your MPG’s when you are in stop-and-go traffic.

I think we could all save a ton of money if we plan out and combine our trips.  Great idea.

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$15 Amazon Gift Card Winners + Roundup

This month I reintroduced Money Saving Monday, a blog post where we introduce the topic and you share your money saving tips.  Each month I pick my two favori



$15 Amazon Gift Card Winners + Roundup

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