21 Best Money Blogs of 2010

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Have you ever tried to quantify thing that are purely subjective?  Have you ever tried to find the best of the best?

  1. What’s the best book in the Bible?  Good question, but I’m not sure you’ll find an answer.
  2. Who sells the best pizza?  Hmmm.  It depends on your taste buds.
  3. What is the best personal finance software?  Well.  Do you prefer online or offline?  What are your password security conspiracy theories?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the best of the best.  But, that shouldn’t stop us from trying, right?

The Best Money Blogs of 2010

21 Best Money Blogs of 2010The Best of the Best Methodology

I think the best blogs are those that offer their readers the best quality throughout the year.  But, how does one know how that is done?

Every week there is a blog carnival called the Best of Money Carnival. Each week the carnival host sifts through 40-80 legitimate personal finance blog posts and determined his 10 favorite articles.  My theory is that the blogs/bloggers that are most frequently mentioned in the highest position of the Best of Money Carnival are deserving of the title The Best Money Blogs of 2010.

Here’s how I compiled these results:

  1. I reviewed the Best of Money winners from all the carnivals in the year.
  2. If an article was in the top five it earned credit.  The winner got 5 points.  Second place got 4 points, third gets 3, forth gets 2, and the fifth best article gets 1 point.
  3. If a carnival only named a top article and the rest were not categorized in order I gave the #1 article 5 points and the other nine entries got 2 points.

The project took a few hours, but I’m thankful to have the results …

The Best Personal Finance Blogs of 2010

Rank PositionBlog NameTotal Points2009 Rank (cumulative)
#1Free Money Finance43#3
#2 & #3Money Ning36#12
#2 & #3PT Money36#19
#4Personal Finance by the Book35n/a
#5The Digerati Life34#2
#6Balance Junkie32n/a
#7 & #8Provident Planning28#17
#7 & #8ChristianPF28#11
#9Money Help For Christians24#13
#10Wealth Pilgrim21#5
#11Cash Money Life20#10
#12Canadian Finance Blog19n/a
#13 & #14Good Financial Cents16#8
#13 & #14Free From Broke16n/a
#15, #16, & #17Get Rich Slowly13#9
#15, #16, & #17Financial Highway13#10
#15, #16, & #17Sweating the Big Stuff13n/a/
#18Oblivious Investor12n/a
#19Bible Money Matters11#18
#20Budgets Are Sexy11#4

My remarks and comments: Rastas1.html

  • There is only one blog on this list that I don’t already subscribe to.  But, you can bet that by the time this posts I’ll be subscribing to Balance Junkie.
  • I’m amazed that four out of the top ten blogs are Christian personal finance blogs.  Why do you think that is?  If I’d included those blogs in a list I made up I’d probably be told it’s just because I have an affinity for Christian blogs.
  • I’m happy to see four of the Money Mavens blogs on this list (five if you include Ryan who writes Cash Money Life and The Military Wallet).  It makes me proud to be a member.

2009 vs. 2010 Best of Money Winners

Just for a point of comparison here’s a sample of the 2009 cumulative results (you can view all the results in the Best Blogs of 2009 post):

1 – Man Vs. Debt
2 – The Digerati Life
3 – Free Money Finance
4 – Budgets Are Sexy

5 – Wealth Pilgrim
6 – Frugally Green

7.  Darwin’s Finance
8 – Good Financial Cents
9 – Get Rich Slowly
10 – Cash Money Life
10 – Financial Highway

My remarks and comments:

  1. Where did Baker from Man vs. Debt go?  Interestingly he continues to make a significant impact to the personal finance community, but I guess his post frequency changed enough to impact his rankings.
  2. Where id Frugally Green go?  I didn’t come across that blog at all in any Best of Money Carnivals.
  3. Consistently near the top in both lists are The Digerati Life, Free Money Finance, and Wealth Pilgrim.  If you’re looking for new blogs to read this year you should check out these three blogs.

Picture by Patrick Hoesly

Are there any blogs that are missing from this list that you think should have been included?  What are some of your favorite personal finance blogs?

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21 Best Money Blogs of 2010

Have you ever tried to quantify thing that are purely subjective?  Have you ever tried to find the best of the best? ]]> ]]>








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