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This month I have been offering a thank you gift of $25 to one of my blog subscribers and $25 to one of my MH4C Special Reports subscribers. 

Here is how I made random selections.  For blog subscriber I compiled all the email addresses, alphabetized them and had my wife randomly choose a number (45) within the set number of subscribers.  The 45th email address was the winner.  Same strategy with the Special Reports, only I didn’t alphabetize the list.  The winner was #38.

I have sent an email to the winners, but since I don’t really want to publish his or her email address I have asked the winners to confirm they were notified and received the money through a comment on this post.

The two winner have been selected and emailed (check your inbox). 

Thanks to all of you for being readers, subscribers, and friends. 

I had a lot of fun giving some money away this month so perhaps I should try it again.  Any thoughts?

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