4 Forms of Giving

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The Generosity Factor mentions four forms of giving:

  • Time 
  • Talents
  • Treasure 
  • Touch

I suspect as we look at this list we’ll find that some forms of giving are easier for us, and others are much more challenging.  

Ironically, treasure is usually where we focus or discussions when we talk about generosity.  However, giving is much broader than the act of writing a check.  

There’s a man at our local church who is involved in charities like crazy.  He’s retired and turned volunteer work into his new job.  I’m encouraged by people who are using their time in full submission to the Lordship of Christ.

I’ve met a lady recently who’s mastered the art of giving in the form of a loving motherly touch.  Our church has some fringe members, and as I’m getting to know them, they all talk about the many wonderful ways this lady honors them and serves them.

Earlier this year, I was at a church in Oklahoma.  A lady from the church is narrating the entire biblical story through paintings.  Each week she completes a new painting to put up in the church.  Talk about an amazing way to use your talents for the glory of Christ. Todo sobre patinetes electricos, revies, marcas y modelos, los mejores, trucos, regulacion y leyes Todo sobre patinetes electricos

When we were working as missionaries, we received all of our funding from the kindness of people who decided to give a portion of their income to the church.  Some of those checks were in the tens and others were in the tens of thousands.  

Today I want to thank all of you for being the hands and the feet of Jesus in different ways.  We truly are a part of a body that is using everything we have for the glory of Christ. 

Where are your areas of strength?  Which are the giving areas where you need to grow?

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