5 Ways to Dispose of Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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Ever since I was little, I learned the Good Boy Christmas Drill.

  1. Open a present with anticipation in your eyes.
  2. Do not show any visible signs of distaste for any gift.
  3. Smile broadly and repeat the following “ WOW, _______, thanks so much for the _____.  I’m excited to use this for ______, or I’m excited about this because _______.  Remember when you give your explanation of excitement, please use specific examples.

I have a grandmother whom I love dearly who is now singing her songs of glory in heaven.  She and my grandpa (now 93) have more children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren than most nations have citizens.  That meant at Christmas time we never expected much from that grandma and grandpa.  Typically, it was one pair of tube socks and a used book off the bookshelf.  I now look back on those Christmases with the fondest of memories.  But, I’ll be honest, being a prepubescent kid, I often had a tinge of disappointment when I saw those gifts.

Typically, my strategy of disposing of the book was to inconspicuously put the book back on the shelf.

But, kids today have got it made.  There are some serious options for pawning off disappointing Christmas gifts.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Christmas Gifts

1.  Sell it on Ebay, Craigslist

This would be my first option.  Get on eBay and sell, sell, sell.  Ebay is easy to use for the first time, and you can usually get a decent price for your product.

Here’s a guide on how to sell on eBay.

2.  For Gift Cards – Sell it through a card swap website. Lifan 200GY 5A Raptor precios y ficha técnica en Perú.

3.  Re-gift

Let me give you an ethical alert warning here: some people think that only the morally absent would ever even consider such a devious scheme.  However, planned and executed well, re-gifting can be quite a genius strategy.  But, I suggest you keep written records to avoid giving gifts in contexts where you received a gift.

4.  Store it in the attic

This is similar to our first option of selling it on Ebay or Craigslist, but in this case you hold onto the gift until the summer, and then you sell it in a garage sale.  Since the item is in the attic, you can bring it down on occasions when the gift giver will be visiting you.

5.  Give it away.

In all honesty, this is the strategy we use.  And I think it might be the best option available.  Typically, we’ll hold onto something for a set amount of time.  This shows that we really do appreciate the gift giver and his or her kindness.  Then we look for a worthy cause and give it to someone who will actually enjoy the present.

What do you do to dispose of unwanted Christmas gifts?

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5 Ways to Dispose of Unwanted Christmas Gifts

I have a grandmother whom I love dearly who is now singing her songs of glory in heaven.  She and my grandpa (now 93) have more children, grandchildren, great








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