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Find an ideal part-time job

People take on part-time jobs for many different reasons.

For some it is because of a disability.  For others it is an issue of scheduling.  Some people only need a minimal income to subsidize their living.  Others are looking for extra money to pay down debt because they are upside down in debt and trying to  get out of credit card debt.

Here are some great resources for people searching for a part time job:

  1. Monster - online classifieds with part time job listings.
  2. Odesk – an online site where you can post your skills and hire yourself out according to your own hourly rates.
  3. E-Resume – get professional assistance with your resume.

Once you know why you need the work it’s time to start thinking about what you will do.

In the book 101 Best Weekend Businesses Dan Ramsey provides a list of part time work to consider (as quoted in Planting Missional Churches50 Best Part-Time Jobs ).  The following list includes many of the suggestions by Dan Ramsey.  The best part of the list is that you can do many of them working for an organization or if you prefer you can work for yourself.

50 Best Part-Time Jobs

Part Time Work with Good Earning Potential | The Best Part-Time Jobs

Antique restoration serviceApartment preparation serviceAuto detail service
Banking serviceBookkeeping serviceCaregiver
Carpet-cleaning serviceCatering serviceChild care
Chimney sweepCollection serviceCompanion to the elderly
Computer instructorComputer maintenanceConstruction cleanup
Cooking instructorCrafts businessDesktop publisher
Driveway repairFood delivery serviceFund-raiser
Furniture refinishingHandy-person serviceHousecleaning service
House paintingImporterIncome tax preparations
Information brokerKitchen utensil-sharpeningMail-orders
Masonry serviceNewsletter publisherNewspaper stringer
Personal consultantPhotography servicePicture-framing service
Plant carePool cleaningRental preparations
Research serviceResume writerReunion planner
Word processingSecurity serviceSmall appliance repair
Teaching your skillsTelephone surveyTranslation service
Tree-trimmingTutoring serviceUsed car sales
Video-copyingWallpaperWedding planner
Window cleaningWoodworkingWriter

Reactions to these good paying part time jobs

  1. You’ll probably recognize that you are more gifted that you realized. There were several things along the way that made me think – hey I could do that!  Moreover, I would really enjoy some of those things.  It is a great idea to turn a hobby into a side job.
  2. The suggestions that allow you to work for yourself probably holds more opportunity for profit.  When you work for someone (specifically part time) you will find that your chances for advancement and salary increases are limited.  However, by working for yourself you can open a lot of doors.  You might need help starting your own small business.
  3. You’ll notice that ‘service’ jobs are abundant.  I think these jobs would be extremely rewarding because people really appreciate and need your service.  I spend just over two years working at an apartment for seniors.  There are so many valuable services to offer to the aging because they are in a unique stage of life.
  4. Use this list to spur on further creative thought.  Since I started blogging I have been amazed at that you can make money blogging.  Two other current things I do is make money getting paid to write online, and make money selling eBooks.  In addition there is virtual assistant work, and freelance writing (check out Odesk).  Technology has opened the door to a lot of online part time occupations.  The biggest advantage is the flexibility.
  5. Always keep your goals in front of you. Often people take a part time job to accomplish something in the short term.  It might be paying off debt.  It might be helping you through a slow work season.  However, you need to know your exit point from the beginning.  How much do you need to make and when do you need to get out.  Working a lot of hours may be necessary in the short term.  Just don’t make it a new habit of life.

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Any other good part time jobs you want to suggest?

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50 Best Part-Time Jobs | Start Earning More Today

For some it is because of a disability.  For others it is an issue of scheduling.  Some people only need a minimal income to subsidize their living.  Others








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