9 Random Facts About Me (and one lie)

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Since your lives are busy right now I thought we should have a little fun today.  It is, after all, the fun holiday season.

In the list below I’ve written nine true statements about myself and one lie. In the comments section below let me know which you think is the lie.

And, hey, if you’re family don’t spoil everyone else’s fun!

  1. I have a Canadian Passport, an America Permanent Resident Card, and a Papua New Guinea Work Permit.  I have lived 1/3 of my life in each of the above countries.
  2. I read five different languages – English, French, Tok Pisin, Greek, and Hebrew.
  3. In 1998 I was arrested and spent the night (thankfully, only one night) in jail because of a false accusation made against me.  I was identified as the perpetrator of a crime by the person who actually committed the crime.
  4. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, and Masters of Divinity Degree.
  5. My family of five people travels with seven passports.
  6. In 2000 I was detained at the US boarder crossing (by the US customs officers) and was threatened to be put in jail without any bail, probation, or a hearing.  God bless the USA. THIS IS THE LIE.

  7. Due to a computer error between 2006 and 2007, for $2.000 I got 2 roundtrip tickets from the USA to Australia, 4 roundtrip tickets from the USA to Europe, and 2 round trip tickets from Memphis to Denver.
  8. In a 24-month period my family lived in six different homes, including spending one month in a bedroom.
  9. I’ve completed a marathon and two half marathons.
  10. I’ve worked as youth minister, missionary, pulpit minister, youth intern, fast food, chicken hatchery, newspaper delivery boy, snow shoveling, lawn care, blogger, campus maintenance, basketball coach, teacher’s assistant, dorm R.A., substitute teacher, freelance writer, secretary, and bus driver.  While completing my Master’s degree I worked four of these jobs simultaneously.

Stay tuned, in a couple of days I’ll use the comment section to let you know which is the false answer. trucos, guias y consejos de moda y fitness Blog de Moda y Fitness

Thanks to Patrick at Cash Money Life for his post on 8 random things about himself that inspired me to write my own list.

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