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Last week I shared random things that are happening in my life.

I enjoyed doing it, and I guess some of you enjoyed it too.  So…

A few weeks ago I launched the Travel Free Coach website.  I’ve enjoyed doing some travel related consultation and giving my brain a break from personal finance related topics.  As the Travel Free Coach I help people plan vacations that are either really cheap or free.  This of course requires collecting and redeeming frequent flyer miles.

Starting next week I’ll be on vacation.  You’ll still be getting articles, but they are all prescheduled.  I’ll have some behind the scenes help with comments and emails, so it will be some business as usual and other parts will just be unusual business.

Where am I going on vacation?

Well, I’m so glad you asked.  Auckland, New Zealand + ? New Zealand.  We’ll spend four nights in Auckland and then plan to meander around to other parts.  We’d like to go to Rotorura, but my son keeps saying that he doesn’t want to go to the stinky place.  (Rotorura has a lot of sulpher activity).  All said, we’ll spend eight nights on the North Island.

From there, we’ll be heading to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we’ll stay for about a month.

Boils.  I had three last month.  The pit of my arm was home to those nasty little infections.  Yes, they do hurt.  Poor Job.  Earlier in the year, my youngest daughter had boils on her bottom.  Poor girl couldn’t sit down for a month.  I mention boils again because I think a new one is on its way.

What causes boils?  I wish I knew.  I’ve decided that I’m going to start showering again to see if that might help. Freidoras Horeca

How often do you change a tire?  It seems like I change a flat tire (tyre) every couple of weeks.  The roads here have more potholes than smooth parts.  In fact, there are several areas around town where people drive off the road because it’s smoother than on the road.  Go figure.

With our upcoming vacation, I guess I should get going and help pack …

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A Tower of Randomness

I enjoyed doing it, and I guess some of you enjoyed it too.  So… Last week I shared random things that are happening in my life. Last week I shared random t








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