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Short Term Missions Handbook Affiliate Information

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate.  We hope this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.  All affiliate payments will be 50% of the selling price.

Two Necessary Actions to Become an Affiliate:

1.  Join the affiliate mailing list –  When you subscribe we’ll send you a free copy of the eBook.
2. Sign up as an E-Junkie affiliate to sell the Short Term Missions Handbook –

  • For the first 3 days the book will only be available from my site to MH4C Newsletter Subscribers (March 2-4th).  There will not be any affiliate payments during this time so please wait until March 8th before you start to promote the product.
  • General Public Product Launch Week  – Monday March 8th – Friday, March 12th (midnight) the eBook will be priced 25% off.  Remember, your affiliate payment will be ½ of the sale price.  If you prefer not to promote during the launch week, that is fine.
  • On Saturday, March 13th , prices go back to normal.
  • As an affiliate, you are agreeing to take ½ of the total payment.  That means in the future if we run another discount (which we occasionally plan to do), you would get your share of the actual purchase price.  By signing up as an affiliate you are agreeing to these terms.

General Information:

From now until March 12th, 2010 church leaders (pastors, ministers, missionaries, mission coordinators, missions deacons, elders …) can get a free copy of the book.  They just need to sign up for this church leader mailing list:  We would appreciate it if you pass this information along.

How the Affiliate Program Works:

  1. Click on this link to sign up to be an affiliate for this product (through E-Junkie).  If you don’t already have an account with E-junkie, you can sign up for free.  The sign up steps should be self explanatory.
  2. You will need to enter a business name (can be your personal name) and PayPal address (all affiliate payments will be sent via PayPal).
  3. Once your account is created click on “get affiliate code” and then click “get affiliate code” again.  You will be shown a personalized HTML link.  You can customize the link as necessary (i.e. change the wording from Click here to visit Money Help For Christians to Short Term Missions Handbook).

When your readers click on that link it will send them to our sales page – (currently under construction). Si amas una flor, no la recojas. Porque si lo haces ésta morirá y dejara de ser lo que amas. Entonces si amas una flor déjala ser. El amor no se trata de posesión. El amor se trata de apreciación

Anything the buyer purchases from that page will automatically generate a 50% commission.
If you have any problems with e-junkie, visit: https://www.e‐ or send us an email.

Products and Pricing

Buyers will have three options for purchasing the book.
1.  Single Copy – $9.95
2. 10 License Copy – $77.00
3. Unlimited License Copy – $197.00
You will receive 50% of any one of the above you sell.

Suggested Options for Promoting the eBook:

• If you’re interested in giving away a couple of copies on your blog, just let us know and we’ll provide a link where winners can download a copy for free.
• Write a short term missions related post, include a link to the book.
• Review the book.
• Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
• Don’t forget your offline contacts.  Send an email to people to contacts who you think would be blessed by owning the book.
• Contact your local church to see if they would be interested in the product.

Book Overview:

The eBook is a practical guide that helps people get prepared for short term mission trips overseas, specifically in third world countries.  The 41 page book uses bullet points, charts, and crisp sentences in order to include as much information as possible.  We are already getting some great feedback about the book.

In the book, short term missionaries will learn:
•         A step by step guide on how to successfully fundraise
•         All the practical nuts and bolts including – what to pack, avoiding sickness, staying safe, exchanging currency overseas, and lots more
•         Things that might surprise you on the mission field (but if you read this book, they won’t)
•         10 important things every short termer should know
•         The personal advantages and disadvantages of short term missions
•         6 essential characteristics of effective short term missionaries
•         How to deal with criticisms about your summer mission plans
•         Dealing with the adjustment back to your home culture

mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate.
Craig and Jeri Ford

MH4C Affiliates Page

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate.  We hope this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.  All affiliate payments will be 50% of the selli







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