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There’s an important date on my calendar – August 23rd.  That’s going to be an important day for this blog, me personally, and hopefully you, the readers.  I’ll be releasing a book on budgeting.  I’m really excited about this book.  I’d love to share the title with you, but I keep debating the best title.  The book has been getting some great feedback and reviews already, but more details to come.

I’ve already got some writers on board, so as a reminder, if you’re interested in getting paid to write personal finance articles, you can get more details here.

Great Reads From This Week

Provident Planning shares Where to Keep Your Money While Saving Up a Down Payment for a Home.  I wish there was a way more people could take advantage of overseas CD rates.  Our local bank (Westpac) is still offering 8.05% for a one year CD. 

Since I don’t post about much Canadian content, I thought I should  point out that Has Added Canadian Banks

Get Rich Slowly shares How to Find Unclaimed Money (and Unclaimed Property).  I followed the advice from Jason at Redeeming Riches and found $36 a bill that we paid too much on.  Just as an update, we did receive the check, and it is now back where is should be – our bank account. Gestion de Procesos o BPM: tutoriales, noticias, trucos, consejos y todo sobre Gestion de Procesos en español Tutoriales sobre Gestion de Procesos BPM

Hey, I’m always up for a different opinion.  Even though I fired my financial advisor, Evan from My Journey to Millions has some good food for thought in his guest post called Why You Should Keep Your Financial Advisor.

Sweating the Big Stuff reminds us Silence Can Be A Great Negotiating Tactic.  I’m not a good negotiator, (I only have one negotiation trick) but I think I can learn to be silent.  Perhaps I can still grow up to be a good negotiator.

Get Rich Slowly asks Is It Time To Quit Your Day Job?  I thought this article had some fantastic suggestions. 


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