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Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival. 

Thanks to FMF for letting me host the carnival, and thanks to all my fellow bloggers for some fantastic articles.  Last week I named the 21 Best Money Blogs of 2009.  This week I selected my 10 favorite blog posts from the previous week.

Since I felt blessed to be able to read so much good content in addition to sharing with you the 10 best financial articles from the week, I also wanted to give you 10 creative blog post ideas.  I hope the images will help give you some inspiration too. 

By the way, all of these pictures come from Papua New Guinea where I live (more about me).

From post #10 – #1 …

10.  FMF is Revisiting the Value of a College Degree.  As the cost of higher education continues to increase, I think it will be increasingly important to evaluate the value of a college degree.  Thanks, FMF, for helping us do just that.

Creative Post Idea: 15 Ways Landing On A Grass Runway Makes For A Smoother Landing


9.  20s Money shares a Personal Finance Manifesto.  This post does an excellent job introducing some key components of a healthy financial plan.  Be sure to take a look at these 8 principles of personal finances.

Creative Post Idea: Reduce The Cost Of Transportation By Maximizing Vehicle Space


8.  Mike at The Oblivious Investor provides some great information for Investing in Taxable Accounts.  Often a few wise tax conscientious choices can make a significant impact on ones final return.  Mike makes a couple of great suggestions in this post.

Creative Post Idea: Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill By Using Rain Water


7.  Joe at Manausa offers Three Keys To Selling A Home In 2010.  While I have no intention on selling a house in 2010, I think this post has a lot of valuable information for those who will be selling in 2010.  While there are only three keys, there are a bunch of great tips and questions to ask yourself when selling a house.

Creative Post Idea: How Building A House On Water Can Save On Real Estate Costs 


6.  Brad at Enemy of Debt tells us People Need An Excuse To Spend Money, And They’re Eager To Find One.  I laughed at the irony of this post.  I found myself saying – true, very true.  Sometimes we manage to convince ourselves that senseless purchases make sense. 

Creative Post Idea: 10 Reasons Why You Might Want To Buy a 4 Wheel Drive Truck (Sorry, Brad, but I think there are some places where 4 wheel drive is closer to a need than a want.)

100_0729 Todo sobre juegos NFT, cuanto puedes ganar, si son entretenidos, Axie infinity y mucho mas Todo sobre juegos NFT

5.  Scordo wants us to be Avoiding the Disease of Self Entitlement: 3 Symptoms and Cures.  This post identifies the costly attitude of entitlement.  Wants quickly become needs and there’s always something else on the ‘needs’ list.

Creative Post Idea: How To Cut The Cost Of Building A Church


4. Jeff at Good Financial Cents help us understand Roth IRA Rules For Minors. Your Kids Guide to Tax Free Money.  There are some things that I really would like to learn, but just don’t want to take all the time to do the research myself.  I found this article to be important, applicable, and informative. 

Creative Post Idea: Save Money On Your Wedding By Finding A Good Tuxedo Alternative


3.  Lynnae at Being Frugal holds nothing back when she gives us 101 Ways to Cut Your Spending This Year.  I often hear people say they want to cut their expenses, but just don’t know how to reduce them any more than they already have.  Well, have no fear, this post will give you something you can cut to help trim your budget.

Creative Post Idea: How To Cut The Cost Of House Construction


2.  AccountingDegree shares 100 Inspiring Personal Finance Posts for the New Year.  This post is packed full of some fantastic personal finance posts.  Best of all, the articles have been categorized by topic.  Make sure you have some time to do some terrific reading after visiting this post.

Creative Post Idea: Eat More Rice: Save More Money


1.  JD Roth at Get Rich Slowly shares 10 Steps to Financial Success in 2010.  This list is amazing.  Not only is it well thought out and organized, it is overflowing with practical advice on how to make 2010 a financial success.  I guess you already know this (since I named it #1) but I think this post is a must read for anyone who is going to make any money in 2010.  Even if you don’t plan to earn any money in 2010, you should read it because … #9 tells you how to earn extra money.

Creative Post Idea: How To Convince Your Wife To Sell All Your Furniture and Sit On The Floor To Save Money


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