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p_125This week I’m honored to host the Best of Money Carnival.

What is the Best of Money Carnival?  Bloggers from around the web submit their favorite post of the week and I get to (Ok, it’s hard work, so I HAD to) choose my 10 favorite posts.  I suspect the top ten list is probably significantly impacted by the mood and perspective of the blogger who puts together the list each week.  So this week I get to be the biased judge Smile.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an article.

Best of Money Articles Starting at Number 10

#10 Matt Bell presents A Framework for Financial Success posted at Matt About Money.

If you need some extra help prioritizing your money then Matt’s got some helpful tips.

#9 Dr. Dean presents Debit Cards Doomed? Swipe Fees 2011 posted at The Millionaire Nurse Blog.

It’s always nice when someone takes news items and helps us understand how they impact our daily living.  Thanks, Dr. Dean!

#8 Crystal presents I Use a Dryer for my Clothes posted at Budgeting In The Fun Stuff.

This post highlights how we all have our financial hobby horses.  We can’t understand why people do certain things, and they can’t understand why we do certain things.  I guess we’re all unique, eh?

#7 Kelsey presents Summer Boredom Setting In? 8 Cheap Activities for Your Family to Try posted at Money Mum.

Hey, what I can I say?  Our family is living in a hotel for four weeks.  Of course, I’m looking for  some good cheap activities for family fun.

#6 Briana presents 7 Types of Insurance You Probably Don’t Have posted at Stupid Cents.

This post made me snicker.  If you can think of it, then someone probably has insurance for it.

#5 Philip Taylor presents When Gift Cards Expire Everyone Loses posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

I’ve had gift cards expire.  You?  A helpful post for anyone with a wallet full of gift cards.

#4 Mr. Cheap Stuff presents 10 Things You Should Never Buy Used posted at Mr. Cheap Stuff.

Since I like to buy stuff used, I was drawn to this post. A solid list of items to avoid second hand.

#3 Paula presents 5 Habits That Help Me Save Without Trying posted at

Paula helps us recognize that sometimes the key to healthy finances is finding good habits.

# 2 Frugal Living presents Merging Your Money When You Marry posted at Frugal Living.

When you get married, figuring out the money is a HUGE issue. If you’re in that position then this post can help.

# 1 Bob presents 11 Steps To Starting A Small Business Online posted at Christian Personal Finance.

I thought that this post was by far the most helpful and practical post of the week.  If you’re thinking about starting a small business online and need a little help, read this post so you can get a lot of help.

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