Best Ways to Make Money Online (Find Legitimate Opportunities)

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Earlier I received a question about the best ways to make money online

I was reading some of your articles on Money Help for Christians and came across a link to “Best Extra Income – Making Money Online”.

Just wondering your thoughts on the best ways to make money online that are legitimate.  I know blogging is one way to make money, but I wouldn’t have any idea what to write about.  I also have heard about affiliate marketing, and I am wondering what you know about it and which are legitimate.  As you can tell, I am trying to find other ways to make extra money while on maternity leave besides just teaching piano.  Teaching piano is great, but I can only teach a certain number of students on a certain number of days because of child care for [her son].

First, I think you should know that I use a plug-in called “Related Posts”.  What that plug-in does is that it searches similar content from other websites and puts a link to those articles at the bottom of my posts.  Those articles are listed under “Related articles on other websites” on my blog.  All of my readers need to know that I have not personally read, nor do I personally endorse all those articles.  So, I’m glad that you asked about it.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Things you need to remember

  1. There is a lot of hype regarding making money online.
  2. There are a lot of people who make money online by telling people how to make money online.

Here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Does the opportunity sound reasonable?  If you see something that says you can earn $10,000 in 5 minutes a month – RUN!
  • Do you know someone from your non-internet social network who is making money doing this business?

Ideas on How to Make Money Online

My three primary streams of income are that I make money blogging, make money writing articles, and I make money selling eBooks.  But, those don’t work for you since you don’t feel like you want to write (if you’re interested I pay people to write personal finance articles).  Honestly, I have not ventured out to other online business ideas because this one seems to be working very well for me.

Here are a few articles I have that sort of relate to this topic:

What I would do if I were looking for a job is to follow the stream of trust I know.  Don’t visit random websites, but visit sites of people you know and who have built credibility.

I know that Christianpf has a lot of content on making extra income.  I did a quick search using the Google search and found an article with 23 ways for teens to make money.  That list actually has quite a few online opportunities.  At the bottom of that post, there was a link to a Moolanomy article on ways to make extra money.  At the bottom of that post, there are 20 links to articles that suggest how to make money online. ¿Qué es un pata negra? – El cerdo ibérico

Here are a few that I would check out (but didn’t):

5 Ways To Make Some Extra Money at Bible Money Matters

11 Great Ways to Earn More Money at Free Money Finance

50+ Resources to Legitimately Raise Your Income at My Super-Charged Life

There you go.  In 10 minutes you should have about 150 ideas to start sifting through to test closely to see if they seem legitimate.

Regarding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is really, really hard.  Basically, you need to create a website that will be suitable to promote a specific product.  Since there are so many people doing this, it is hard.  As a result, you might need to spend a year trying to get your website to rank for the keywords associated with your product.  Google is smart, and if you think you can just start a website and get Google traffic, there is no way.

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Best Ways to Make Money Online (Find Legitimate Opportunities)

I was reading some of your articles on Money Help for Christians and came across a link to “Best Extra Income – Making Money Online”. Earlier I received



Best Ways to Make Money Online (Find Legitimate Opportunities)

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