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Explore nine thought provoking answers to frequent questions regarding the Bible and money.

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Be honest.Bible and Money

Have you ever felt like you’ve received a less than satisfactory answer when asking a question related to the Bible and money?

The topic is so intricate and so complex that many questions are hard to succinctly answer and wrap up with a pretty bow.  Sometimes you need to dig deeper to find the right answer.

The Bible and 21st Century Finances: 9 Thought Provoking Answers to Common Questions seeks to answer those ancient questions with deep thought and a fresh perspective.

Have you ever felt like yawning in a Bible class?

Be honest.

When that someone wants to answer questions with “deep thought”, it might make you yawn.  However, I’ll personally offer you a no yawn money back guarantee.  If you find this book to be boring, you can get your money back :). Wait a minute, I’m offering the book for free!

“What does the Bible teach about …”

Over the last ten years in full time ministry, I’ve answered a lot of questions about the Bible.  However, in the last couple of years, I’ve started to answer a lot of questions about the Bible and money.

Studying what the Bible teaches about money often produces as many questions as answers.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Sure, psychologically we’d like to think we’ve got it all figured out and we’re doing everything exactly the way God wants us to with our money.

But, the truth is there is always another mindset, another attitude, and another action that God wants to challenge us to change.

Many of us have a lot of questions about what the Bible teaches about money. That’s why I decided to write The Bible and 21st Century Finances: 9 Thought Provoking Answers to Common Questions.

Who is this eBook for?

This book is a journey in the words of Scripture.  Consider it an introduction that opens the door into the world of Christian finances.

This book is right for you if:

  • You’re willing to challenge old assumptions about the Bible and money.
  • You have unanswered questions regarding Christian finances.
  • You enjoy exploring the topic of biblical finances.
  • You realize that there is no such thing as personal finances since God is involved in every spending decision.
  • You’ve recently become a Christian and you want to learn what the Bible teaches about money.
  • You’ve been a Christian for years and you need to refine your understanding of what the Bible teaches about money.

This book is for Christians who want to delve deeper and be challenged by the Word of God in reference to their not-so-personal finances.

9 Common Questions Answered:

  1. What Does the Bible Say About Money?
  2. What Does the Bible Say about Work?
  3. What Does The Bible Say About Saving Money?
  4. What Does the Bible Say About Debt and Credit?
  5. What does the Bible Teach About Spending Money?
  6. What Does the Bible Teach About Investing?
  7. What Does the Bible Teach About Retirement?
  8. What Does the Bible Teach About Insurance?
  9. What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

Things You’ll Learn:

  • You’ll learn about the Money Tree, a tool to help you connect practical financial decisions with foundational Biblical teachings.
  • 3 reasons why Christians should work
  • How to find the right saving balance
  • 4 keys to helping you differentiate between saving and hoarding
  • The biggest biblical concern with debt
  • 8 tips to help you determine biblically appropriate debt
  • Principles to consider when deciding if you should give while in debt
  • 5 guidelines to follow before you stop or decrease your giving
  • To balance the emotions of guilt and pleasure in spending
  • 2 greatest dangers of investing
  • An appropriate level of investing risk for Christians
  • 2 common spiritual dangers associated with saving for the future
  • 6 legitimate biblical reasons to save for retirement
  • Useful tips to help you determine how much is enough
  • 3 reasons why it is possible to trust God and have insurance
  • 6 facts on how insurance honors God
  • Explore the relationship between action and the heart of Christian giving
  • 5 reasons why giving is a spiritual discipline
  • Over 45 bible verses that reinforce the biblical teachings about money

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Hi, this is Craig Ford, the book’s author.

I’m a Canadian citizen who grew up in a third world country. All of my post-secondary education has been in the United States. Along with my wife and three kids, I’m currently living in Papua New Guinea working as a missionary.

I hold an A.A., B.A., and a Masters of Divinity degree, all in the field of Biblical Studies.

I am the author of The Secret to a Successful Budget and The Short Term Missions Handbook.

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