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Today I just want to give you a quick update to let you know that I’ve recently updated my Bible and Money page.  The Bible and Money page is a collection of most of the Bible and Money articles I’ve published on this blog.  The more articles I write, the more selective I am about what gets included on this page.  Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out lately, you should take a look.

Bible and 21st Cover (prof)The page also has a link to download my free eBook – The Bible and  21st Century Finances.

I did that eBook as a foundation to a series of books I plan to write (Lord willing).  The Bite Size Personal Finance Series focuses on specific personal finance topics.  Just to let you know – the first book is schedule to be released at the end of August.  If you are interested in learning more about budgeting you’d better stay tuned.  Be sure you’re on one of my email subscriptions to get a special price (available only to my subscribers) when the book is released.

While I was updating the page, I came across several of my articles and here is a  list of …

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Proportionate Giving

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What is the difference between biblical finances and personal finances?

How Wealth Can Strengthen Your Relationship With God

Is God or Man the Source of Financial Increase?

So, why are these my favorites?

I think I like these posts because in these posts I add something new to the discussion about biblical finances.  I want to be a resource to help us grow in our thinking and development.  I certainly am not always correct, but I enjoy exploring old topics in a fresh way.  I think these articles give us a reason to think.  And, last I checked, thinking is a good thing.

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