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Introducing the Bite Size Personal Finance Series

Do you remember the feeling of holding a class syllabus on the first day of school?

Students look over the entire list and automatically feel overwhelmed.

“There is no way I’m going to do all this in a few months”.

When I got a syllabus, I would total the number of pages I needed to read for the whole semester.  I would then divide that number by the number of days in the semester.  While 1000 pages in four months seemed overwhelming, 8-9 pages a day didn’t seem too bad.

That is the value of taking a bite sized approach to life.

Most personal finance books try to deal with a variety of financial issues.  You get a sense that there is so much to be done, but you are feeling overwhelmed because all you need to do today is figure out how to set up a budget – you don’t need to learn about investing – yet.  There are too many bills and not enough dollars.  The investment advisor wants to know if you want XYZ in a Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, or 401k.  The collectors all think they should be your life priority.

It all seems a little overwhelming.

A well known Indian proverb answers the question – how do you eat an elephant?  The answer, of course, is one bite at a time. Noticias sobre la sierra de cadiz y sus pueblos, información local sobre covid19 coronavirus Noticias de la Sierra de Cadiz

The Bite Sized Personal Finance Series is a series of eBooks that are concise, specific and intended to help you at your particular financial stage.

As a Christian, I feel the Bible is an especially important part of any healthy financial plan.  I want to be sure that everyone who reads one of the Bite Sized books has the opportunity to read this foundational book.

As a result, I put together a book that provides a foundation upon which all the other books are built.  Honestly, I didn’t want to charge for this book because I thought it was too important and I didn’t want you to pass on the book just because there was a cost.

Get your copy of The Bible and 21st Century Finances

Bible Money Book

So, I’m happy to offer you The Bible and 21st Century Finances: Thought Provoking Answers to Nine Common Questions free of charge.

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